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Hario V-60 Dripper Starting at $26.99 was 3648

Ahoy the Hario V-60 Dripper!  

If you haven't tasted a Hario brew yet, get your hands on one now!  While most American drippers utilize a flat bottom filter, the Hario dripper features a cone-shaped filter that results in an intense, thick extraction while still keeping that palette pleasing clarity and smoothness of a single-cup pourover.   

The Hario V-60 is a sexy addition to your kitchen of office set up, and its ceramic construction keeps in heat during the process.  

The process is simple, and allows for you to be creative and tweak time and grind variables as well as your water pouring technique. Find some freshly roasted C2C beans and grind medium-fine. Pre-wet your filter inside the dripper with a bit of hot water and let that water drip out.  To the pre-wet filter, add 2 grams of grounds per ounce of liquid coffee you desire.  Place dripper over your mug.  With a longneck kettle or other pouring device that permits good pour control, pour a small bit of water into the center of the grinds as a "pre-wet."  After about 20 seconds, slowly continue your pour, in a circular motion from the center out, ensuring that you're pouring water only over the grinds and not onto the filter. The entire pouring process should take about 3 minutes.  

This is the 2-cup Hario V-60 size, white color. It is sold with or without the cone-shaped Hario filters (save $2 on the package when you choose the combo option on this page)

Beehouse Pourover Coffee Dripper Starting at $18.99 was 2498

The Beehouse Dripper is a premium ceramic flat-bottom dripper.   By far our favorite flat-bottom dripper on the market. This item is more typical of American-style pourover coffee than, say, a cone-bottom Hario dripper, which is also available on our website.  The flat bottom results in a cup with even extraction and nice balance.
Made of sturdy ceramic, this dripper will keep your coffee warm as it soaks and drips.  
Currently sold in the 2-cup size and black color only (see photos).  Save $1.50 when you purchase the dripper+filter combo.  
Works with our #4 flat-bottom Filtropa paper filters (100 per box).