Chemex Filter-Drip Coffee-Maker

With its unique hourglass design (part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection!) the Chemex slow brewing method allows for full flavor extraction from your coffee. An elegant addition to any home barista's collection, Chemex is a versatile replacement for standard machine coffee brewers. Hot coffee, iced coffee, Chemex is just the best.

We recommend purchasing the specially formulated Chemex filters along with the purchase of your brewing device. The Chemex Bonded Filter is 20 to 30 percent heavier than most store-bought brands, effectively removing unwanted sediment and bitter acids and fats for the sweetest coffee possible. 

A true work of art.

This is the 10-cup model.

Save $3.50 when you buy the combo pack Chemex dripper + Chemex filters on this page. 

Vendor: Crop To Cup Type: Coffee Equipment & Supplies