Clever Coffee Dripper

We’re in love with the new Clever Coffee Dripper – the newest and coolest invention on the pourover coffee scene. Combine the French press advantages of full-body flavor and steep-time control, with the simplicity and no-mess mantra of a drip machine or standard dripper, and this is what ya get. Perfecto!

While other pourover drippers begin dripping as soon as you begin to pour over water, the Clever holds in the hot water and steeps the coffee according to your preferred time (we recommend about 3 to 3.5 minutes). The valve mechanism on the bottom of the dripper releases your brewed coffee only when it is pushed up by your mug or cup when it is put underneath.

We like it because it allows you to get creative with steep times and stirring (or no stirring) to discover each of our coffee’s sweet spots.

Takes #4 paper filters. We recommend the Filtropa, designed and made in Holland. Unlike common low-grade paper filters, these won’t skunk your coffee with that paper/cardboard taste and they’re super sturdy to stand up to any stirring of the steeping you might want to try. Bonded without the use of any glues or chemicals, and certified dioxin-free. Each box contains 100 filters. Save 20% on a box of filters when purchased here with a Clever dripper.

Vendor: Crop To Cup Type: Coffee Equipment & Supplies